We offer

We offer

At Stald Gavnholt we offer training and presentation of Icelandic Horses. The training is adapted to the needs of every horse to reach the best possible result. It is possible to have shorter or longer stays all year round.

We will do our best to give your horse the best training and conditions to reach the best possible result. You can depend on an honest and sincere evaluation of your horse and your goals. In addition to training we have a broad network of excellent veterinarians, equitherapist, professional farrier, aqua training (swimming) etc.

Prices for training and/or boarding

Stallions (incl. boarding): 8000,- DKK per month
Mares (incl. boarding): 7300,- DKK per month
Boarding stallions: 3000,- DKK per month
Boarding mares: 2500,- DKK per month
Boarding breeding mares/young horses: 1500 ,- DKK per month

Presentation FIZO: special agreement only

(all prices are excl. 25% tax)

The stay is the owner’s responsibility and risk.


We offer clinics at all levels, both weekend clinics and private teaching at our facilities at Stald Gavnholt or at other places. In the teaching we emphasise the basic principles of riding and try to achieve
 a good cooperation between the horse and rider.

Agnar Snorri Stefánsson is an educated riding teacher and Trainer C from the university at Hólar.

Please contact us for more information and prices.