Conditions and prices

Covering conditions and prices 2023

By agreeing to this contract, the mare owner guarantees that the mare/foal, or other horses that has been in contact with the mare/foal, have not shown or show signs of infectious diseases in the last 6 weeks. The mare owner guarantees that the mare/foal has not had strangles (Druse) or been in contact with infected horses for the past 3 months.

Upon arrival:

  • The mare must meet without hind shoes.
  • The mare is vaccinated and the passport is delivered to Stald Gavnholt.
  • If the mare has eczema, bring the eczema blanket.
  • The mare must have a swab-test. If the mare is unclean on the swab-test it is possible to have her treated here. Contact us for further agreement.
  • The mare must have performed a negative CEM-test (PCR from sinus clitoridis, fossa clitoridis, cervix uteri) before arrival. NOTE! If the mare has tested positive for CEM, she should be treated at home, and may only come to the stallion after she has a negative CEM test, taken no earlier than 7 days after the last treatment. Documentation from the vet and test result must be presented to the stallion owner. It is possible to get fresh semen from all our stallions, and it could be an option to get the mare inseminated at home, to not lose the opportunity to get the mare pregnant despite CEM. Contact us for more information.

Fresh semen: There is no requirement for a swab- or CEM-test if the mare owner chooses to pick up fresh semen. But we strongly recommend that everyone act responsibly and get their mares tested for CEM, as this has proven to be a widespread and highly contagious disease among Icelandic horses.

Extra conditions for Framherji frá Flagbjarnarholti

  • Mares shall arrive minimum 7 days before they are let out with the stallion. The mares must have a negative CEM-test before arrival, and will be tested again at Stald Gavnholt after arrival and before they are let out with the stallion. This is to avoid any false negative tests. The CEM-test taken at Stald Gavnholt is included in the covering fee!

During the stay:

  • The mares are inseminated by an inseminator or by the vet.
  • The stay for the mare/and foal are at the owner’s own expense and risk. This includes in all handling, scanning, during insemination as well as on the field/paddock and box.
  • Stald Gavnholt reserves the right to call a veterinarian at our discretion at the owner’s expense.
  • All mares and foals are inspected daily.
  • All horses stay in herds on big pastures with grass, alternatively with hay ad libitum.
  • Mares that exhibit aggressive behaviour in the herd or are difficult to catch are moved to a separate field or in a box (at the owner’s expense, see prices below).

Booking and payment:

  • The booking fee of 3.750 DKK must be transferred to our account upon booking/before arrival, the amount will not be refunded. The booking fee will be withdrawn from the covering fee.
  • The remaining amount for the covering will be invoiced when the mare is pregnant (+15 days).
  • If the mare does not become pregnant during the season, only booking fees and other expenses such as grass etc. will be invoiced.
  • All veterinary costs will be charged directly from the vet.

Fresh semen:

  • When picking up fresh semen, 1.250 DKK is paid before pickup. Extra collection of fresh semen in the same heat is 1.250 DKK.
  • Mares that have been inseminated with fresh semen must be pregnancy scanned between 15 and 21 days after ovulation, and the result must be reported to Stald Gavnholt immediately after. When the mare is found pregnant, the covering fee and registration fee (DI) are invoiced.


  • If the mare is pregnant at pick-up, but miscarries or the foal is stillborn/not viable (24h), re-covering is offered at -50% of the covering fee, within the next season. If the stallion is not in our / owner’s custody, re-mating is offered at one of Stald Gavnholt’s stallions.
  • The re-covering may not be sold, transferred to/ or used by others.
  • Re-covering is not offered for the mares by Framherji frá Flagbjarnarholti, the covering-fee will be paid back (minus booking fee and grass fee).

(all prices are incl. 25% VAT)

Covering fee: see further info on the stallion page
Booking fee:  3.750 DKK (withdrawn from the covering fee)
Grass fee: 62,50 DKK (per day)
Box: 150 DKK (per day)
Pickup of fresh semen: 1.250 DKK (per shipment)
Registration fee: DKK 370 (fee Danish Icelandic Horse Association)

Payment details: 2212 – Konto: 0721208877
IBAN: DK16 2000 0721 208877 – Swift kode: NDEADKKK


Veterinary contract regarding covering/insemination at Stald Gavnholt 2023

The “heat”package covers the whole season 2023. OBS! The deal only includes the mares that are here for insemination or covering by hand, as long as the mare stays at Stald Gavnholt. The package does NOT include the mares that is standing in the heard by Framherji.

The package includes gynecological examinations, follicular controls to optimize the time for insemination, checkup for ovulation and status after insemination and negative pregnancy scans. 

Further examinations as hormone treatments, uterine swabs, uterine flushes and antibiotic treatments are not included and will be charged as follows.

If the mare has a uterine infection we typically flush and treat for three consecutive days, if she has a small amount of fluid after insemination it may be enough with one flush/treatment.

(all prices are excl. 25% VAT)

Mares for insemination/covering by hand:
Follicular controls: 1.500 DKK (season)
Disposables: 100 DKK (season)
Transport per examination day: 50 DKK

Ultrasound for mares in herd by Fremherji: 525 DKK (per scanning)
Positive pregnancy scan: 525 DKK
Uterine swab: 480 DKK (incl. laboratory costs)
Uterine flush: 440 DKK (excl. medicine)
3 x uterine flush in the same heat: 1200 DKK (excl. medicine)
Hormone treatment: 100 DKK (excl. medicine)

Embryotransfer mares – both donors and recipients cannot be included in this deal, please ask for prices for that.

If the mare has had a uterine swab done, please bring the result. Also include any further information, that may be of importance for the breeding of the mare, when you book the stallion.

All veterinary work in connection with reproduction at Stald Gavnholt is carried out by Bryrup Hestepraksis, Anna Bonde and Rune Hjortkjær. Questions regarded the veterinary contract or other veterinarian-related questions should be directed directly to Bryrup Hestepraksis.

Tel: +45 26 255 245
Email: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

By approving the breeding conditions, the mare owner accepts the above conditions from Stald Gavnholt and Bryrup Hestepraksis.

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