Horses for sale

Horses for sale

We always have a wide selection of horses for sale. Everything from youngsters to well educated competition horses and breeding horses. If we don’t have what you’re searching for, we can through our great connections help you find the right horse for you.

Not all our sales horses are online, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Price category:

A: 6.500 – 10.000 €
B: 10.000 – 13.500 €
C: 13.500 – 16.500 €
D: 16.500 – 20.000 €
E: 20.000 – 26.500 €
F: 26.500 ->

Framtíð frá Skáney


Framtíð frá Skáney IS2014235810
Microchip: 956000008915311
Colour: 2500 Black no white markings
Breeder: Haukur Bjarnason
Horse owner: Margrétarhof hf
F.: IS2008186917 Straumur frá Feti
Ff.: IS1998186906 Þristur frá Feti
Fm.: IS1988286842 Smáey frá Feti
M.: IS1998235810 List frá Skáney
Mf.: IS1988135801 Andvari frá Skáney
Mm.: IS1979235803 Rönd frá Skáney
Measurements (cm): 144 – 134 – 140 – 65 – 143 – 37 – 47 – 45 – 6,3 – 28,0 – 17,5
Measure of hooves: 8,4 – L.h.: 8,2
Conformation: 8,0 – 8,5 – 8,5 – 8,5 – 8,0 – 8,0 – 8,0 – 8,0 = 8,29
Rideability: 8,0 – 8,0 – 5,0 – 8,5 – 8,0 – 8,5 – 8,0 – 7,5 = 7,57
Slow tölt: 8,0
Total: 7,82

Framtíð is a beautiful, big, sweet and easy 4 gaiter with a comfortable and great temperament. She has four separated gaits with big movements and is well educated. She would be the perfect junior/YR horse for the high classes. She can be ridden by everybody and is very cooperative.

Price category: F

Ásta fra Gavnholt


Ásta fra Gavnholt DK2020200786
F: Grímur frá Efsta-Seli (8.41)
M: Álfadís fra Skannerup

Ásta is a very big and beautiful young mare with a great conformation with long legs and a well raised and long neck. She shows elastic, big and supple movements and also tölt in between. She is exciting as a future breeding mare or sport horse. Her mother was injured when she was a young horse, and was therefore never shown. Álfadís is also a big mare with a nice expression and big movement.

Price category: D

Heimur fra Gavnholt


Heimur fra Gavnholt DK2017100656
F: Grímur fra Gavnholt
M: Hera frá Efri-Rauðalæk

Heimur is a nice young gelding with medium willingness. He has nice movements and long strides. He is staring to get a good basic education and is ready to find a new home. Heimur is a sensitive horse, but is getting more and more confident every day, and needs a rider that likes this type of horse.

Price category: A