Horses for sale

Horses for sale

We always have a wide selection of horses for sale. Everything from youngsters to well educated competition horses and breeding horses. If we don’t have what you’re searching for, we can through our great connections help you find the right horse for you.

Not all our sales horses are online, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Price category:

A: 6.500 – 10.000 €
B: 10.000 – 13.500 €
C: 13.500 – 16.500 €
D: 16.500 – 20.000 €
E: 20.000 – 26.500 €
F: 26.500 ->

Viktoría fra Eyfjörd


Viktoría fra Eyfjörd DK2014200023
Colour: 1540 Chestnut with a star and a snip
F.: DK2004103659 Viktor fra Diisa – 8.63
Ff.: IS1998125220 Garri frá Reykjavík
Fm.: IS1988258269 Svana frá Neðra-Ási
M.: DK2006205826 Ösp fra Eyfjörd – 8.24
Mf.: DK1998106858 Óskar fra Guldbæk
Mm.: IS2002265255 Ósk frá Syðra-Brekkukoti
Measurements (cm): 140 – 129 – 134 – 65 – 141 – 32 – 50 – 43 – 6,0 – 27,0 – 17,0
Conformation: 9,0 – 9,0 – 8,0 – 8,0 – 7,5 – 8,0 – 8,0 – 8,0 = 8,25

BLUP: 115

Viktoría is a beautiful mare with a nice expression and especially good tölt. She is forwarding-going and willing, and needs a rider that likes this type of horse. She can be used for both pleasure, sport or breeding.

Price category: C

Krókur frá Margrétarhofi


Krókur frá Margrétarhofi IS2010101031
F.: Hófur frá Varmalæk
M.: Askja frá Margrétarhofi

Krókur is a fourgaited gelding with good basic training. He has great experience in sport and has gone up to 6,27 in V1. He is a horse for someone that wants to ride competitions and clinics, and to develop as a rider. He has medium willingness.

Price category: B

Tvinni frá Rauðalæk


Tvinni frá Rauðalæk IS2015181913
F.: Sær frá Bakkakoti
M.: Trú frá Laugarvatni

Tvinni is a very promising 5 gaited gelding with the potential to reach far in sport. He has well separated gaits with good elastic movements. He is not yet trained in pace, but the pace is open and promising. (Video is from april 2021, new video comes soon).

Price category: E

Jón fra Gavnholt


Jón fra Gavnholt DK2015100651
F.: Muni frá Kvistum
M.: Von fra Gultentorp

Jón is a big (145cm) and robust 5 gaited gelding with nice gaits. He is fun to ride and has a comfortable willingness, is easy and uncomplicated. Jón will in the future fit for easy sport classes or as a luxury riding horse.
(video is coming)

Price category: B