fra Gavnholt

“fra Gavnholt”

Our aim is to breed good, easy-going horses that are suitable for competitions. We believe we have a clear advantage as breeders because we have ridden and trained most of the mothers and fathers of our offspring, and we know their abilities well. For us, the qualities of the horses as riding horses are more important than high judgement, but of course we will show the horses we think are suitable for assessment (FIZO).

It is important for us to give the horses the time they need to develop, and give them the best possible basic training both for any future breeding judgement, competitions or sales. Our biggest passion is to breed, and our goal is to make 10-15 foals every year. In the long run, we hope to be able to make a living from breeding, training and selling horses from our own breeding. We have many exciting collaborations with other breeders which of course are also important to us. Every year we try to make embryo transfer on our best mares to optimize our breeding as much as possible.

In 2017, we received the award as “Breeder of the Year” in the Danish Icelandic Horse Association, and are committed to staying at the top among the Danish and European breeders.