About Gavnholt

The farm Gavnholt

The farm is located approx. 10 km east of Silkeborg in the middle of Jutland and has a very central location to the rest of the Nordic region and Europe. Gavnholt is an old farm from the early 1900’s set in an incredibly beautiful area with fantastic landscape and rural surroundings.

Stald Gavnholt is a modern horse stable with boxes for 44 horses. The conditions at Gavnholt are absolutely perfect for running a professional training stable. In combination with a 16 x 38m riding hall, there is a 250m oval track, 1 km exercising track, walking machine and vibra floor with built-in solarium, to give the horses the best conditions for optimal training, development and durability. We also have access to beautiful forest terrain.

The farm includes 18 hectares of land, in addition to a rented area of about 25 hectares, where there are large meadows and paddocks. The horses grow up in herds with the best conditions for a healthy and safe horse life. They are allowed to be horses and, in the most natural way possible, develop their social and physical skills in the herd.